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Join us in reinventing schooling.

The next 20 years of education are going to be absolutely transformative for education.

Textbooks will be replaced with interactive VR games. Lesson plans and exercises will be created on the fly via AI, allowing for the first-time truly customized learning, across all disciplines and grade-levels. Learning Management Systems will evolve into personalized digital tutors, on par with human teachers.

We want to help you build your next generation education product.

Alex Ogorek
VR | iOS | Android

Hi, I'm Alex!

I'm in charge of mobile and VR dev here at Ed Tech Shop. I've built over 20 iOS apps , am a published author and am a voracious autodidact. I provide VR and other programming tutorials on my Youtube Channel. My wife and I are currently building one of our own education products, OpenSheet.

When I'm not working or with family, I'm either reading, or trying out new games on my HTC Vive. You can read more about me here!

Shoot me an email here.

John Simerlink
Full Stack Web Dev

Hi there!

I head up web dev at Ed Tech Shop. In high school I led a 10+ person, student-only LAMPstack dev shop through INTERalliance, building tech solutions for Cincinnati-based businesses and startups.

The past five years I've spent working with varied stage startups. Two years ago I set out on my own to do full-stack consulting and to build my own products. My preferred tech stack nowadays is Elixir/Phoenix, ReactJS + ReasonML, and GraphQL, but have professionally programmed in multiple other frameworks.

Educational products I've built include Branches and Hacker Heaven. I also am a donor for Learn Anything. I provide programming tutorials on my YouTube Channel!

Send me an email here :)

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